2006.Who knows where the wind blows?


Air-conditioning has become a major consumer of energy over the last five years, isn't there another way to cool ourselves? This project explores the beauty and natural luxury of a fresh breeze on a hot, humid day, a thought-provoking idea that suggests it is possible to take wind from one place and, by using its own energy, recreate itself in another place through means of a fan.
By using a USB interface it's possible to transport energy and information at the same time. The speed of the fan -working via the USB interface- is related to the amount of energy produced by the wind in a selected place. So the speed of the fan gives fresh air and climatic information about the zone chosen by the user.
The project acts, primarily, as a clear interface showing the potential of wind power in a selected region. A number of services can be linked; geographical, local, tourist. It's a hypothetical scenario which engages people's imagination in the future of energy.

Event and Exhibition at Casa dell'Energia AEM, Milano - Furniture Showroom Week, 2006.
Prototypes by Protocast.
Thanks for the support to: AEM, Heineken, Imation, Lifegate Radio, Pig Magazine, Red Bull.

Team: Linda Barsotti, Valentina Barsotti, James Ennis, Marcello Bellan, Ursula Borroni, Ella Malenchini, Karl Medcalf.


5 - 8 may 2006. Broom - Energy as perceived by design @ AEM Casa dell'Energia, Milan [flyer][press]


Featured in Case da Abitare #102, november 2006 [image]
Featured in Pig Magazine #42, may 2006 [image]