2008.Spazio Hera


Casa Hera becomes Spazio Hera!
Positiveflow with Si Produzioni have designed SpazioHera for the Future Film Festival. It is a 400sqm space in Palazzo Re Enzo. The venue will host a number of film workshops, screenings and bookshop dedicated to the festival. We have given our interactive exhibition of CasaHera a facelift to be more appealing to the 18-35 film going audience; the exhibition allows people to understand where electrical energy is dispersed in their home and in turn gives personalised advice on how to save energy in relation to their own habits.

Team: Valentina Barsotti, Emina Cevro Jukovic, James Ennis, Alice Cannava, Alan D'Inca.

The project was realised with Orangeline and Si Produzioni.

[www.gruppohera.it] [www.futurefilmfestival.org]


Featured in Treehugger, 11 nov 2007