April 2010, Fabbrica del Vapore, via Procaccini 4.
Hosted by Bestup and presented during the Milan Furniture Fair 2010, @ Posti di Vista.

POPupGARDEN, designed by James Ennis and developed by Locatelli Italia, a vertical garden systems that can be easily installed and modified to suit any vertical space, indoor and outdoor.

The materials are Primarily from Baltic birch plywood, coming from sustainable forest wood production, no plastic or glue are used in the construction. The perforated wooden panels house a number of modular flower troughs (linear vases) and garden accessories. The system can be applied to any wall, interior or exterior, allowing the growth of a vertical garden that can be easily maintained at home, in the city, country, public and private spaces. The system on display uses aluminium troughs, but can be applied to many materials, to suit the environment or interior. The LEDs in this installation can be balanced through RGB to stimulate growth of plants in the shade, allowing you to bring life to those places that never receive sunlight, fundamental for growth, in the night they give life and beauty to your walls.

The POPupGARDEN presents a number of garden accessories resulting from entomological research with design innovation: Bee House, allows a place for solitary bees to reproduce and lay their larva, Butterfly aphrodisiac come into my garden, these butterfly feeders absorb a glucose liquid through the wick, butterflies enjoy, and get high amongst the flowers. The Mosquito spiral can be used in any garden, it acts as a functional decoration, a funny element to any garden, that deters Mosquitoes from breeding.

The flowers and plants presented in POPupGARDEN are a selection from Eugea, a spin off of the University of Bologna. They promote bio-diversity, attracting butterflies, ladybirds and bees fundamental for pollination and survival of endangered species. The plant selection also offer protection and breading ground for the useful insects? and their offsprings.

Thanks to:

BestUp, Locatelli-Italia, TreQuadro, Eugea, Eugea Shop.
We thank Floricultura Donetti for contributing the plants and flowers for the 2010 exhibition.


Press release
POPupGARDEN @ Posti di Vista 2010, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano