The Liberty project is provocative. The utopian idea to install a giant wind turbine from the raised arm of the Statue of Liberty analyses various forms of wind-producing technology to give the island its liberty, by being truly self-sufficient and free!
Between fiction and reality, the project can work using the resistance of the metal structure made by Gustave Eiffel. The statue must be able to support a wind turbine of 50 metres in diameter.
The project includes 10 prints, limited editions of 15 pieces, with blue prints of the technical structure and analysis. We are currently looking for a gallery to present the exhibition.

Team: Linda Barsotti, James Ennis.


6 october 2007 - 13 january 2008. In Luce + Liberty @ SO WATT!, Musée EDF Electropolis, Mulhouse [flyer + press]
24 may - 9 september 2007. In Luce + Liberty @ SO WATT!, Espace EDF Electra, Paris [flyer + press]


Featured in Treehugger, 11 nov 2007
Featured in Tecniques & Architecture #490, Jean-Michel Place éditions, jun-jul 2007 [image]
Featured in SO WATT! exhibition catalogue, Beaux-Arts éditions, 2007 [image]
Featured in Liberation #8107, june 1 2007 [image]
Featured in D - La Repubblica delle Donne - Casa #550, may 25 2007 [image]