2006.In Luce


Light has always been used as a mean either to direct or give warning. Many lighting languages can be understood globally, typical that of a traffic light or the beam of a lighthouse. Today, in the urban environment, many eye-catching buildings are illuminated at night and numerous architectural lighting systems allow the projected colour of structural/building facades to be changed. Various levels of communication can be developed using these lighting systems.
In our scenarios, specific buildings and landmarks act as a communal interface to share local knowledge and information through different projected colours or specifically illuminated symbols. In this way light could be: a cultural service, embedding information on the territory; a simple language to translate the local climate/pollution conditions; a local form of information about saving and using energy knowingly.
In Luce as a medium of communication gives more value as well as beauty to the illumination of public spaces. This extension of visibility and meaning is a transparent, clear, non-material system which delivers data (without the need to buy another tool), promotes community awareness and new, intelligent consumption practices. It opens a dialogue between citizens/consumption patterns and producer/distributor, in the pursuit of balance. It acts as a guide to using and saving energy consciously and reducing emissions.

Please see animation (flash) of some of the scenarios we developed, [here] , click to start, then let it play straight through...

Team: Valentina Barsotti, Alan D'Inca, James Ennis.


6 october 2007 - 13 january 2008. In Luce + Liberty @ SO WATT!, Musée EDF Electropolis, Mulhouse [flyer + press]
24 may - 9 september 2007. In Luce + Liberty @ SO WATT!, Espace EDF Electra, Paris [flyer + press]


Featured in Treehugger, 11 nov 2007
Featured in Tecniques & Architecture #490, Jean-Michel Place éditions, jun-jul 2007 [image]
Featured in SO WATT! exhibition catalogue, Beaux-Arts éditions, 2007 [image]
Featured in Liberation #8107, june 1 2007 [image]