2008.Impollinazione Urbana


Invited by Best Up to participate in their "'Fai La Casa Giusta" exhibition during Sana - Bologna, Italy's largest fair dedicated to well being. Positiveflows installation the second issue of 'Impollinazione urbana' a guide to urban gardening that offers a bottom up approach to encourage local participation to reduce CO2 emissions and to improve the quality of urban life.

Concept: Urban planting plays an important role to sustain the vision for the future of green healthy cities. The kitchen gardens reduce the emissions of CO2 caused by food transport, clean the air, control the flood, contrast green house effect.

Urban vegetable gardening

The installation was composed of a number of elements: A kitchen garden for the balcony of an urban house, with ripe vines, a pleasure and a tool to tune us with seasonal vegetables. Walls of ivy, an intelligent plant that can absorb benzene, clean the air and reduce noise pollution.. Collaborative plants: selected by Eugea (a spin off company spawning from on-going research, at the department of Agriculture, University of Bologna), a special mix for a healthy micro habitats of flowers and vegetables encouraging a new home ecology: collaborative, healthy, intelligent planting that attract butterflies and useful insects (lessening the need for chemical pesticides) to help the biodiversity and the pollination of other vegetation in the community. Issue No. II of 'Impollinazione Urbana - urban pollination. A monthly calendar promoting urban gardening, with recipes and remedies optimizing the use of in-season fruit and vegetables. Tree Building: designed by Francesco Rodighiero, a helpful plant accessory and an ironic image envisioning a greener city, the first of a range of products we are developing to make the greenery in our homes a more pleasurable experience. (produced by www.superegodesign.com)

Our research is supoprted by Gianumberto Accinelli (President of Eugea), department of Agriculture, University of Bologna And Emina Cevro Vukovic, author and journalist.

Grenngoes, play the word! From 2009 Positiveflow wish to offer Impollinazione Urbana as a monthly guide online and further develop its collection of designed accessories for your garden at home.

The installation was realized with the help of Bestup, Siproduzioni, Latifolia.


Urban Pollination Issue 1
Urban Pollination issue 2


Featured in featured in Giardinaggio, June 2008 [image]
Featured in featured in Il Salvagente, 3-10 April 2008 [image]