2013 | flyCatcher


Welcome to my parlor said the spider to the fly, it is the prettiest little parlor you ever did spy !

Invited to take part in ‘Good Design” exhibition presented during Milan design week, curated by BestUp, an organization focused on sustainability. Designed by James Ennis, ‘Fly-catcher’ an organic and natural fly killer.

‘FlyCatcher’, a LED lamp, designed to accommodate a spider and web to catch-ies naturally. Each lamp will be aesthetically unique, a spider contributing to the design, weaving the shade, creating and living with nature. It is also a perfectly natural way to kill fly’s, who are attracted to the centre of lamp, but ohh no, it’s a trap !

The lamps have a slightly concave lens, the user can pour a drop of wine, beer, honey or marmalade on, this has 2 functions, to create a lighting effect, red for wine, yellow for honey and so on, it also attracts flies. The spider that takes residence then builds their beautiful natural creation, sits back and enjoys, as his breakfast lunch and dinner come flying in… …

Please contact us for further information, hig res images available on request.


GOOD Design 2013
Cascina Cuccagna, Milan