2009.Coco Collection


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Design and concept by James Ennis.

The Coco collection are a series of christmas tree decorations, hand assembled and made in italy. Made from Coco fibers, the coco collection is 100% natural. They were selected to decorate the official Christmas tree of the Comune of Bologna.

Plastic christmas baubles traditionally have no ecological sense, but to decorate a dying tree... The Coco collection brings new life to the concept of christmas decorations! After christmas, rather than pack away or throw out for another year, simply place whole decoration in the ground or in a flower pot, cover lightly with soil, add a little water and place in the sun...

The Coco is pre-seminated with flower seeds. Let nature take its course and after sometime a flower will grow. These flowers are selected promote bio-diversity, attracting butterflies, ladybirds and bees.

The collection is produced by Eugea srl. (Ecologia Urbana Giardini E Ambiente) was grounded by a group of researchers in entomology from the Department of Science and Technology at the University of Bologna. Their main aim is to bring beauty, colour and purity in your life. Eugea promotes Private Ecology, reminding us that the rights and duties of the citizen are to contribute to the knowledge and to care of the delicate balances in nature. The lack of understanding in the nature’s balances and their variations are fundamental for our existence on the Earth.

The packaging is produced by the ‘Cooperative Sociale ASSCOOP – ONLUS’, dedicated to integrating and helping people with physical and social problems.


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