2008.Casa Hera 2.0


Casa Hera 2.0 has been presented during Spazio Hera in Cervia on the Energy Saving Day "M'illumino di meno" promoted by Radio2. This is the start of phase 2 of the Casa Hera project that inaugurated in Modena last July 2007. The interactive exhibition becomes an online service more assessable to the public, allowing them to asses and understand where electrical energy is dispersed and consumed in their home and in turn gives personalised advice on how to save energy in relation to their habits. Casa Hera 2.0 looks to become an information portal and meeting point promoting an educated energy culture.

Team: Valentina Barsotti, Emina Cevro Jukovic, James Ennis, Alan D'Inca.

The project was realised with Nowhere and Si Produzioni.

[www.casahera.com] [www.gruppohera.it]


Featured in Architecture.it