Fashion is one of the primary forms of communication. Positiveflow developed Blackout, a new brand that intends to use fashion as a medium to create and communicate awareness on energy matters. Awareness of sustainable energy becames a brand, an energy culture.
In the first collection ironic images of electrical energy distribution and usage, embroidered and printed on t-shirts, highlight the carriers of electrical energy that are becoming invisible in the modern landscape. The concept - using a different medium to communicate -was inspired from the futurist movement. We conveyed a message with different applications (print, embroidery, patchwork) of the fashion industry.

Team: Linda Barsotti, Valentina Barsotti, James Ennis, Cathrine Faity, Anjali Purohit, Sanjiv Sahai.


16 december 2004. Landscape + Platform @ Julien, Milan [flyer]