2009.Bee House


Bee House is a micro Habitat that sits under your window, The gift contained in its packaging, provides tools to naturally attract and protect helpful insects such as ladybirds, butterflies and bees, all in danger of extinction, but are fundamental for organic foods, pollination and the natural food chain. It is to be seen as a bottom up approach to promoting biodiversity and sustainable lifestyles in any domestic environment in our everyday activity.

The ‘Bee-House’ is a new an archetype that offers a perfect breading ground for Solitary Bees. Solitary Bees are unlike other bees: Every female is fertile, they do not live in a hive, they typically inhabit a nest constructed in a variety of places such as hollow reeds, twigs, holes in wood or, most commonly, tunnels in the ground. Solitary Bees are important pollinators as they have very advanced types of pollen carrying structures on their bodies. The ‘Bee House’ structure of cavities mimics their optimal natural habitat, where the females lay their larva.

The Flower Puppets are ornamental seed totems, they offer ornament to a flower bed while awaiting germination. The flower seeds; Zinnia, Cosmos Bipinnatus, Facelia, Marigold and wild fennel, when planted their flowers’ nectar is loved by butterflies, ladybirds and other helpful insects. The bee house, seeds and their flowers are biologically certified and have been studied and selected by a group of entomology researchers from the University of Bologna, Italy.

The order of 500 units has been produced and hand made in Ireland by Andrew Burdock, and assembled under a sheltered work program giving employment to people with social difficulties.


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