2010. Batcastle


Designed by James Ennis, the bat house mimics that of an iconic castle, the bat castle houses up to 6 bats, a mummy bat, daddy bat and 4 baby bats. An iconic image of an old castle; it should be placed on a wall up high, even four meters, not facing south or in direct sun light. Bats are an endangered species, eat 1000’s of mosquitoes by night, and urgently need spaces to live in the urban environment. A graceful and natural mosquito killer…!

There are 3 types – black ceramic, terracotta and recycled wood, all natural and hand made. For further information please contact us via mail info(at)positiveflow.net. High resolution photos available here: www.positiveflow.net/downloads/batcastle.zip.

Batcastle will shortly be on sale in shops near you.


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Batcastle on inhabitat
Bee House in Completement fluo