The project's vision is to re-design the way we produce and use energy. In the Platform, energy - produced both on a large scale and locally - spreads over a peer to peer network, like information. It travels over the grid along bi-univocal paths so that it can be transferred and exchanged with goods and services or simply consumed. This implies that energy is visualized on different levels.
The Platform system is composed of four elements: Condo-meter, an in-house display; Toc, the unit of energy; Piggy, a mobile access device; Baskets, a series of intelligent street furniture.
Condo-meter is the interface between users and energy in the house. It is an intelligent electricity meter displaying real-time information on energy availability expressed in Tocs.
Toc, the energy unit, is the main element: the Tocs can be self-produced, exchanged, bought together with products and earned.
Piggy is a mobile device that allows the user to exchanges Tocs, access informations and buy services.
The Baskets are a series of pieces of intelligent street furniture. These pieces act as landmarks and are capable of supporting the exchange of information and energy as well as triggering social activities to be performed in public spaces.
Platform aims to open doors to new collaborations among heterogeneous actors (suppliers, service providers, retail, public administrations, citizens) and to create active awareness about energy resources and intelligent consumption.

Team: Linda Barsotti, Valentina Barsotti, James Ennis.


12 april 2005. No Energy No Information @ Lina's, Milan [flyer]
16 december 2004. Landscape + Platform @ Julien, Milan [flyer]