James Ennis
Graduating from Dublin 1999 in industrial design he worked for 2 years with the founders of working in product development specializing in product solutions for many software companies based in Dublin. In 2002 he Moved to milan to receive a master of interaction design from the Domus academy. Before initiating positiveflow, he worked with a number of design studio's in milano and has realized projects and design solutions for brands as Autogrill, Baccarat, Cassina, Nokia, Gianini, Venini, ViceVersa. [CV]

Valentina Barsotti
Graduating in Architecture in 2001 then she moved to Domus Academy for a Master in Interaction Design. She has worked on research projects about innovation in complex systems for European Union, Regione Toscana, Università di Siena, University of Southern Denmark as well as on graphic and web design projects for artists, architects and musicians . She has joined Positiveflow from the very beginning. Illustration and environment are her main passions.

Linda Barsotti
After graduating in economics from University of Bocconi in 2001 she received her master in urban management from domus academy. One of the first members of Positiveflow, she lives and works as a researcher on social development and economics on the territory with consortium Aaster, association Naga, and as a consultant on social issues for Positiveflow.

Alan D'Inca
After graduating with a BA in Political Sciences (international relations orientation)at University of Bologna (Grade: 100/110) in 1998, Alan has worked with a number of large companies specializing in new entertainment and events. Since march this year, he has been occupied with the accounting and relations for Positiveflow. The best thing about Alan is he is a beautiful person.

Ursula Borroni
She graduated from Politecnico di Milano 2003 with a thesis under Ezio Manzini, since she has worked on many projects for brands as Alessi, MHWay, she has continuous collaboration with Positiveflow in projects involving product and interior design.

Martina Uderzo
Martina is currently doing her thesis project on immigration and service design at the Politecnico di Milano following a degree in design ergonomics. She has worked on the In Luce project during her stage period of Positiveflow. Working in design of products, services and communication, she has collaborated with Positiveflow and brand Skunkfunk in Bilbao.

Ella Malenchini
She has worked in computer high-tec as graphic designer for 10 years, starting with interactive CD roms in the mid 90s and moving on to internet websites, presentations and GUI design. In 2003 got an MA with distinction in Interaction Design at Domus Academy, Milan. Last Year Ella produced the flash presentation for Positiveflow used in the Salone del Mobile, Milan. Today Ella works as a freelance GUI designer.


Dror Avner, design/inventor (Germany/Israel)
Enrico Biffis, mathematician (Italy/UK)
Paula Castro, illustrator (Argentina)
Pierre Charlton, product designer (Italy/France)
Paul D’Arcy, product designer (Ireland)
Francesca Duncan Shaw, artist+editor (Italy)
Cathrine Faity, accessories designer (France)
Salvatore Furnari, interior designer (Canada)
Camilla Giacomini, stylist (Italy)
Dario Indelicato, video editor (Italy)
Gaetano La Rosa, copyrighter (Italy)
Anjali Purohit, designer (India)
Sanjiv Sahai, stylist (India)
Dario Scialpi, photographer (Italy)
Naomi Sex, artist (Ireland)
Manuela Zavattaro, graphic+interaction designer (Italy/UK)