2008.Solar Beats


Urban furniture can be designed to offer many services requiring basic energy requirements. Bus stops, lighting, re charging points, information points, heating cooling, covering…. We can use product design and engineering expertise to realize concepts for clients seeking solar solutions. These can be designed to respect the existing urban architecture and be customized for client requirements.

Play on Plaid - a concept by Wang Inc. - communicates this service in the form of solar entertainment. Collaborating with Si Produzioni, we host events inviting artists, specializing in electronic art, (as without electrical energy electronic art would not exist) to produce and play their work using renewable energy. Play on Plaid premiered autumn 2007 in Bologna(Italy). A mini festival of electronic music powered with solar panels. The power of the concept proved a true success!

Team: James Ennis, Alan D'Inca, Wang Inc.

The project was realised with Si Produzioni.

[www.myspace.com/playonplaid] [www.wanginc.it/]


Featured in Architecture.it