2005.Open Source


For the Milano Film Festival 2005, Esterni invited Positiveflow to the 'Casa dei Registi', a temporary hotel located in an old print factory (that now is a contemporary art gallery, Via Assab 1). The project was to create an 'open source' film, involving the guests visiting the festival.
Over the week-long festival we wrote, directed and produced a short film. The crew and cast were a collection of directors and actors from Russia, many parts of Europe and Central America, who were staying in the hotel. Every evening we wrote storyboards and set out locations to film the following day.
The story involves the invasion of a theatre which provokes the audience to participate in the cinema, the animation of mosquitoes, a lost lady - searching for energy to be reconnected... The final film montage was screened on the final night in the Piccolo Theatre in Milan.