2007.The return of butterflies


On the opening of Casa Hera in Modena, we launched the butterflies! - bottom left picture.

SiProduzioni introduces Positiveflow to Eugea (Ecologia Urbana Giardini e Ambiente). Eugea is born from a group of researchers of entomology at the Department of Science and Technology, University of Bologna. Their objective is to bring nature and its’ many precious beauties to the city. A bottom up approach to promoting bio-diversity and sustainable lifestyles in the urban environment.

Positiveflow promotes this work and the tools of Eugea.
Together, we can design gardens and vegetable gardens, we can provide workshops on bio-diversity and entomology, we can sell productive seeds encouraging productive insects packaged in a self explained confection – see top right picture: “The garden of butterflies” confection. Please contact us for information on how to get seed confections.